Constructing a "Grade A" essay is much like building an irresistible burger.

This digital course will teach children in elementary and middle school how to create an essay that is WELL DONE!

The full course includes a complete step-by-step academic guide - a menu of sorts - for developing essays that will impress readers, improve writing skills, and build confidence too.

The pre-recorded, instructional videos allow you to complete the course when and where you like!


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"You have increased my daughter's enthusiasm for writing and her understanding of the different purposes for writing." - Elana L.

Your upper elementary or middle school child is bright and capable. You know it!
However, despite your child's potential, the results have been lacking when it comes to strong essay structure.
ESSAY ESSENTIALS is here to help! Whether your child needs to catch up or move ahead, this course is your solution.

"I had no idea how to teach writing or where to start. My daughter went from being a reluctant writer who dreaded writing time to really enjoying writing and asking for more time to finish writing."

Rebecca P. - Homeschool mom

What if I told you that learning to construct a well-organized essay could improve your child's writing ability, build confidence, and set the stage for future academic success?

Understanding the different types and lengths of essays is an underrated skill but one that can make a world of difference for young writers.

After completing Essay Essentials, your child will know how to produce well-organized, well-written, well done essays.

BONUS! It can be fun too.

"You have increased my daughter's enthusiasm for writing and her understanding of the different purposes for writing." - Elana L.

Meet the Teacher

  • California Credentialed Teacher
  • 30 Years of Teaching Practice
  • Multiple Years of Classroom Experience
  • Former Homeschool Mom
  • Charter School Advocate
  • Former Educational Facilitator to Homeschoolers
  • Online Writing Instructor
  • Digital Course Creator
  • Published Author in Children's Books
  • Podcast Co-Host

Having a clear understanding of essay essentials is your child's meal ticket to increasing his or her writing abilities, building academic and personal confidence, and cementing the foundation for future success.


Building a "Grade A" essay is like building an irresistible burger.

  The Ingredients You'll Need
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  Good Writers Get Organized
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  Good Writers Get Detailed
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  Good Writers Clean Up
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  Writing Challenges
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  Will You Review my Restaurant?
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  What Else May I Order?!
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Check this out! For a one-time price of $147.00, you are locked in and will maintain access to all of the instructional videos and materials indefinitely. (That includes any additional bonuses that get added along the way!) As well, the course purchase is per household, not per individual child. You may use it with your middle-school child right now but also again with your elementary child in the fall or even next year. This is the writing curriculum you'll be so glad you invested in for your child's future writing success. We look forward to supporting you in this important academic area.


Q1: For what grades or ages is this course best suited?

A1: The writing standards I teach are aligned with the academic expectations for 3rd-8th grade students.

Q2: When does the course begin and end?

A2: The course officially opens on Monday, June 20, 2022. The course and its materials are yours indefinitely. You are welcome to reuse the course materials multiple times as a refresher or extra practice.


Q3: How much time will it take to complete this course?

A3: That is up to you. The course is self-paced. Some families will jump in and be done within a couple of weeks. Others will work on it over the course of months. The course consists of approximately three hours of teaching instruction plus hands-on learning activities. The amount of time students will need varies.

If your question hasn't been answered, I'm only a click away! Feel free to email me directly at [email protected]

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